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The Host with the Most

Web Hosting Art Gallery

The Host With The Most

This month, we’re going to begin a series of posts that cover Internet-related concepts that are very often misunderstood, and that could be important for business owners and company decision makers to grasp. Check back over the next few months as we cover subjects such as choosing a web host, website performance, and templated solutions like WordPress, Wix, and SquareSpace.

Many concepts related to technology can be difficult to explain, especially if the person doing the explaining buries the idea under a pile of acronyms and techno-speak. Most business owners don’t need an in-depth explanation of website technology; they just want to know that their site is running and their customers have a good experience when they stop by for a visit.

However, there are a few concepts that are important for any business owner or manager to understand, such as web hosting and domain name registration. Since these are critical components of any company’s Internet presence whether they are located in West Michigan or beyond, it would be a good idea to explain what they are.
This month, we’re going to talk about website hosting. To explain web hosting well, we will use some analogies, but absolutely no techno-speak whatsoever. Probably.

To make this easy, let’s compare a website to an art gallery.

Wes is an artist who works in a gallery that he rents in the city. His gallery is on the ground floor of a skyscraper in the center of town. His paintings have become very popular, so he also rented the space next door to display additional artwork. Now that more and more people are coming to see his art, Wes also put in bigger doorways and brighter lights.

That’s web hosting.

To sell his art, Wes has to have a place to put it on display, so he rents the spaces in the building. As his gallery grows, he has to rent more space in the building to display it. As more people come, he has to improve their ability to get through the gallery and see his art.

A website really is a physical thing. It may be code, but that code still takes up space on a server somewhere in a building that belongs to GoDaddy, or Dreamhost, or A2 Hosting. Or, any other web hosting company. People have to rent that space just like an art gallery has to rent the retail storefront it occupies.

The website is equal to the art gallery. The server space it occupies is the same as the space that the gallery fills up in the building. The hosting server’s performance, or ability to serve visitors, is the same as the improvements Wes does to make it easier for people to see his artwork.

See, no techno-speak.

If you still have questions about web hosting or would like to know more about driving customers to your art gallery, I mean, website, please contact the team at CATKAM Media and let us build the best possible representation of you, your product, or your company.

Check back next month when we discuss the things that make each web host different and why one might be a better choice for your website than the others.

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Our Take On GDPR


By now, most people have received a flurry of emails from websites and online subscriptions announcing updates to their Privacy Policy statements. The term GDPR Compliance has probably flashed across your monitor several times as you’ve read through your latest emails.

You may also notice that many websites now provide a toolbar somewhere on the page that allows you to control what information that site can collect and store. Most newsletters, product updates, and other subscription-based emails may send you a separate request for permission to continue as well.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and is a set of rules put in place to better protect people from the unauthorized collection and use of their personal data. The new rules make it easier for people to see who has access to the personal data that has been collected by each website they visit, and easier for people to control the access to and retention of their personal data by that website or any of its third-party partners

At CATKAM media, we have taken the necessary steps to meet the European Union’s new GDPR requirements. The updated Privacy Policies on both websites reflect our commitment to the responsible handling of our client’s private data. If you would like to see what has changed, please visit our policy page at:

Becoming compliant with the new regulations is not difficult, and many web hosting or data processing products have made it easy for their users to meet the EU’s new standards. If you would like more information on GDPR compliance and what CATKAM media can do to help, please contact us today.


For more information, we suggest these links:



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Why do I need a website?

Why do I need a website?

This is a question that doesn’t get asked too often in 2018, but every once in awhile we come across a business that has yet to develop their online presence. My first instinct is to answer this question with my own – Do you not have an interest in growing your business and attracting new customers?

Having a website for your business is not just about selling your goods and services to customers, it is about giving your customers a place to find out more about who you are and what value you bring to your current and potential customers. Here are five reasons why you need a website for your business.

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5 Things To Do With A Negative Review

5 Things To Do With A Negative Review

Good or bad, receiving an online review is part of doing business today. Your customers have many, many opportunities to tell you and the world exactly what they think about you, your business, or your product. Moreover, these sites enable a potential customer to gauge whether or not they want to take their business to you. A recent study by Podium revealed that 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decisions. All the more reason why it is important to keep up with the reviews you receive. Nobody likes receiving a bad review. It is easy to take it as a personal insult, and in some cases, it can have an extreme effect on your business and online reputation. Here are CATKAM media‘s five tips on how to handle a negative review.
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Three tips to optimize your blog and rank higher.

Why do I need a blog?

One of the simplest ways to keep Google interested in your site and therefore rank you higher in search results is to post a blog regularly. For SEO purposes, Google prefers fresher content, so it knows your site is being maintained and therefore will be useful and relevant to users. By blogging, you automatically add more keywords to your site, and it also gives you a great opportunity to create internal and external links. You also just may get yourself some backlinks too, a valuable commodity when you are trying to rank higher. Plus, a blog is a great place to send your social traffic, converting followers into readers, and eventually into leads.

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Google Posts For Google My Business – What is it and why should you be using it?

Google Posts – What is it and why should you be using it?


If you don’t know, Google My Business (GMB) is how small businesses get those pretty little info boxes to show up when someone is searching for them. This allows you to control important information that you want potential customers to know including location, phone number, hours, photos and most importantly, reviews from past customers plus more.

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Oh boy, here we go!

We are excited to officially introduce CATKAM media, LLC to the world! Why are we here? To help other dreamers like us bring their vision to life. We want to help you get your online presence rolling.

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