Google Posts For Google My Business – What is it and why should you be using it?

by Joanna Corrigan

Google Posts For Google My Business – What is it and why should you be using it?

by Joanna Corrigan

by Joanna Corrigan

Google Posts – What is it and why should you be using it?


If you don’t know, Google My Business (GMB) is how small businesses get those pretty little info boxes to show up when someone is searching for them. This allows you to control important information that you want potential customers to know including location, phone number, hours, photos and most importantly, reviews from past customers plus more.

CATKAM media GMB page

We at CATKAM media are big fans of the Google My Business page and feel it is the most important first step in optimizing your business for SEO purposes. If you own a business and haven’t claimed your listing, stop reading and GET IT! Click here. We’ll wait.

All set? Good.

Ok, got it, so what’s a Google Post? 

It’s been two months since Google announced the addition of Google Posts to businesses Google My Business pages.Google Posts are a way for a business to share information with searchers about the latest happenings with a business right in the search results! Having a special sale? An event coming up? New product? Newsletter sign up? The possibilities are endless!

You can have an image, a title and up to 300 words of text plus a call-to-action button – “learn more,” “reserve,” “get offer,” “sign up” and “buy” are among the different options offered. You can also add a link to a specific website related to your Post. This information can then appear in Google searches and depending on the query and the type of Post, Google Maps.

It’s basically free advertising! 

Now, a customer does need to be searching for you to find this information but we think this is a great way to get them to click to you if the timing is right. Are you a business that usually takes reservations? If you have openings for upcoming dates, list them in your Google Post. End of season sales happening and you need as many people shopping as possible, add them to your Google Post. These are just a couple of examples of how you can use this new feature to your advantage. The Posts do expire in 7 days, so this is meant to be relevant and fresh content.

Great! Now…how do I do it?

Head to your GMB page, and on your dashboard, you will see “Posts” in the left-hand menu, go here and then click the camera icon to create a new post.

Now add an image (optional) and up to 300 words of text. (I mean, that’s almost a micro blog post!) Choose if you want to make the post an event and/or add your button with a link to whatever it is you are promoting. Easy!

Now when someone searches for you, they will see your posts in your handy dandy GMB box.

Never under estimate the power of Google, they offer many benefits for a small business, and that now includes a little bit of free advertising!

Want to get a better handle on your Google presence and how to maximize it for your business? Send us a note at or visit our services page to learn more about how we can help. 



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