5 Things To Do With A Negative Review

by Joanna Corrigan

5 Things To Do With A Negative Review

by Joanna Corrigan

by Joanna Corrigan

5 Things To Do With A Negative Review

Good or bad, receiving an online review is part of doing business today. Your customers have many, many opportunities to tell you and the world exactly what they think about you, your business, or your product. Moreover, these sites enable a potential customer to gauge whether or not they want to take their business to you. A recent study by Podium revealed that 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decisions. All the more reason why it is important to keep up with the reviews you receive. Nobody likes receiving a bad review. It is easy to take it as a personal insult, and in some cases, it can have an extreme effect on your business and online reputation. Here are CATKAM media‘s five tips on how to handle a negative review.

What to do with a bad review. 1. Keep Calm.







Keep Calm. No matter how much you want to fight back, remember your audience is watching. Promptly responding to a review is important, but replying to a review in a rage is not such a great idea. Take some time to cool down and come up with a measured reply before responding.

What to do with a bad review. 2. Respond.







Respond. Acknowledging the review is essential. Ignoring it may cause the upset person to say more and others may wonder why you are not helping your customer. By not responding, you are telling every person who reads the review that you are not listening to your customers and don’t care about keeping them happy. And really, most of the time that’s all the fired up person wants – someone to listen.

What to do with a bad review. 3. Offer a solution.







Offer a solution. Demonstrate you are trying to solve the problem by working with the customer publicly and privately. This is your opportunity to showcase your customer service skills! Offer a refund, invite them to try again or just give a simple apology. Go above and beyond; your reputation might depend on it.

What to do with a bad review. Learn from it.







Learn from it. Take this opportunity to review your business or product and see if there are opportunities to improve. The review might alert you to an issue that you may not be aware of within your organization. Or it may give you inspiration for how to be even better at what you do. Nobody is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Take the negative and turn it into a positive.

What to do with a bad review. Ask for an edit.







Ask for an edit. Once you resolve the issue, ask the customer to update/change their review. By showing that you have taken the customers concerns to heart and helped resolve the problem, you win!

Bonus tip: Ask for reviews from your customers! The more positive reviews you have, the less likely anyone is even going to notice that one star. Plus, Google notably takes into account the number of reviews on your Google My Business site when ranking your business in local search results.

We all know that you cannot please everybody and if you follow these tips and still can’t seem to resolve the issue, it is okay. Keep focusing on providing awesome customer service to the rest of your consumers, and it will all balance out in the end. And if all else fails, use that bad review in your ad campaign like this ski resort did. If you need assistance on how to respond to reviews and keep up with your social media, that’s what CATKAM media is here for! Contact us today to learn how we can help you keep your online reputation five stars.

Do you have a favorite tip on how to handle reviews, good or bad? Let us know in the comments.

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