Three tips to optimize your blog and rank higher.

by Joanna Corrigan

Three tips to optimize your blog and rank higher.

by Joanna Corrigan

by Joanna Corrigan

Why do I need a blog?

One of the simplest ways to keep Google interested in your site and therefore rank you higher in search results is to post a blog regularly. For SEO purposes, Google prefers fresher content, so it knows your site is being maintained and therefore will be useful and relevant to users. By blogging, you automatically add more keywords to your site, and it also gives you a great opportunity to create internal and external links. You also just may get yourself some backlinks too, a valuable commodity when you are trying to rank higher. Plus, a blog is a great place to send your social traffic, converting followers into readers, and eventually into leads.

Now, there’s a little more to it than just throwing up a few paragraphs each week. Here are three tips to make sure you are optimizing your blog and making Google a happy camper.

#1 Researching Keywords

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There are many tools, free and paid, out on the internets that can help you determine what keywords drive the most traffic to your or your competitors’ website. Take some time to utilize these tools to really understand what terms best suit your product, service, niche, etc. and use these ideas to come up with a blog topic. Some of CATKAM’s favorite FREE tools include:

#2 Utilizing Keywords

keyword research, seo, optimize, google

Once you have a good list of keywords and keyword phrases to work with, make sure you are utilizing them throughout your blog. I am not saying stuff your blog with the keywords so that it becomes nonsensical to the average reader (a big no-no), use them sparingly and where it makes sense. Behind the scenes, you also want to use them in your permalink (or post URL), title tags and meta descriptions, headings, first sentence, and anchor text.

#3 Optimizing images

Whether it is a photo, cartoon, infographic, or fun cat GIFs (our favorite), images make your blog post more visually appealing to your audience. Moreover, they also give you a chance to talk to Google some more about what your blog post and therefore website is all about. Take advantage of this extra opportunity by using your keywords in the file name and the alt text with a short, keyword-rich description.

BONUS TIP! Once you have your blog ready and posted, make sure you are sharing it with your audience, so you get traffic to your site and make Google sit up and take notice. You can share on your social media accounts, post in a newsletter to your customers, and now you can even add a link to your blog direct to your Google My Business listing (read about that here). We’d also recommend you provide a subscribe button to give readers the opportunity to get instant notifications of your newest posts without having to check back to your site periodically.

Following these tips will help get you ranked higher, more web traffic and more exposure to potential customers. Don’t feel like you have time to maintain a blog, CATKAM media can help! We offer blog writing services, or if you want to write the post but don’t feel you have the time or expertise to follow the above tips, we can take your work and optimize it for you! Contact us today to find out more.

Do you have a blog? How often do you post? Do you see a difference in your ranking when you post regularly? Let us know in the comments!

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